Deep Sigh…

Every time I think about H’s interview I get more and more angry.

They liked him, there is a job opening…


The Saudi men representing the hospital have seriously offended H. They told him the pay package the recruiter had sent him was for “full British” candidates. Since he was not “full British” he would be payed significantly less as would be the benefit package. Never mind the fact that H is UK trained & qualified or that he is a BRITISH CITIZEN, or even he is a fellow muslim, he is not white and that’s what they want.

Why?!! Why do people think it is OK to treat someone like that? What does his race have to do with his ability to do the job?

I am sad for him. He does not deserve to be spoken to like that.

Saudi is completely off the cards now. I am happy that we are not entertaining the idea of Saudi any more.

The search continues…


Today is Thursday, its merely hours now until the interview and I am nervous. I am nervous about how it will go, what the outcome will be, and how it will all impact my life.

There is only one word: inshallah. What is meant to be will happen. I need to accept that.

I spoke to a friend today and she had said that her husband’s colleague (both are GPs) had been for an interview for a hospital in Qatar. They asked him if he spoke Arabic (which he did not) and that they were only looking for a doctor who could speak both Arabic and English fluently. I cannot understand why they interviewed this man. What a waste of time for both parties.

My husband is actually working with a Saudi and he has said that the visa process actually takes like 9 months. Nothing like playing the waiting game!

I’m sure that even after all the interviews have finished we won’t hear if H was successful or not for a long time.

I am nervous. I am ready for a change. Inshallah.