There was a new doctor at the hospital H works at, guess where he is from?

Saudi Arabia, you got it.

He took H’s CV with him when he went on a trip home. Last weekend H had another interview, but for a hospital in Jeddah. It went well, the offer is coming on Monday. The good news is the interviewers weren’t racist. At least to his face! Gives me a bit more hope in humanity!!

I don’t know what to think about all of this. It feels like a roller coster. I don’t think the offer will be what he wants so I shouldn’t stress about it.

What I do know is that leaving (of it ever happens!) will be harder than I expected. I have full insight into this as my very good friend moved to Canada on Tuesday. It was heart wrenching. Saying goodbye was so much harder this time than it was when I left America.

I left the US with full intentions of going “home” within 2-5 years. So it wasn’t goodbye, just see you soon. Now, 9 years later there is no way my husband will ever move there and that leaves me with a huge hole in my heart and an aching in my soul.

Will I ever stop searching for “home”?

Lets see what Monday brings.