Job update & busy weekend

What a busy two days!

First, the job update! H’s file is complete for the Jeddah job, next week(ish) a formal offer will come through. Hoping, wishing, and praying for our magic number in terms of pay and school fees. Considering the whole process takes for-ev-er we should be able to start school there in September. Let’s see. Who knows.

Second, it was the kids big birthday party today. 61 kids, 12 lanes of bowling, 175 cupcakes, 3 happy children! Thank God the party is over until 2015! It was exhausting. We had to have the party super early (10 am) because H and I had to go to an anniversary party in a different town later that day. The bowling party felt like chaos to me but my friends and a few other moms said it was fun and not crazy. Phew!! Tomorrow operation gift opening will take place, then, operation thank you cards. I’m ready for Monday and the kids to be at school so I can have a minute to breath without Spanx.

I wanted to add some pictures but cannot figure it out on my phone right now. Next time, I guess.

Figured it out!!

These two are the highest point in England. It’s close to Huddersfield (I think!)



Ready for the party.


Birthday party fun!




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