Well, it’s been 5 months of not writing. The Spring brought a feeling of excitement and stagnation in my life. Total bliss as my USA summer tickets were booked and I was going for the longest I’ve ever been out of England since moving there (9 1/2 weeks!). But spring also brought the dreaded anniversary of my move to England. 10 YEARS! TEN effing YEARS! It is frightening. How have my twenties passed so quickly and how have I grown such deep roots into a land that I am so indifferent about? Ugh.

Never mind. I cannot dwell on that. It’s summer!! I am so happy to be in the Yoop. (You know, *that other* part of Michigan. Not the mitten.) Since that darn polar vortex hit the UP so bad Lake Superior had ice chunks until June. Yikes! So the summer temperature has been chilly. There have not been many beach days or the dreaded camping that my children, parents and rest of the family love so much. Never the less I am happy just to be here with my parents and my 83 year old grandmother.

My dad keeps saying, I can’t believe summer is half over and you’re leaving in 4 weeks! Please dad, don’t wish away my summer. It’s going too fast on its own!

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

Yearly Snowfall Record

1st Place Women’s 2k

4th Place Under 10 2k
(8th Place Men’s over all)

Quincy Mine Tour

Swimming in Lake Michigan