Stupid Shit People Say #3

“It is weird driving on the wrong side of the road?!”

Yes. Yes it is.
Did you expect me to say that it’s totally normal? It’s not. What’s worse is that I’m always confused when I’m driving. There is a nagging feeling in the back of my mind saying, which road rules are for this location?!

And…technically it’s not the wrong side of the road; it’s the opposite side.

USA? UK? Brain freeze!


Stupid Shit People Say #1

I think this might be a fun little side blog called: Stupid Shit People Say

Ugh. This is really getting to me these days! When ever I am being introduced to somebody here in the USA the conversation goes like this:

My relative/friend: “Oh, hi Sally, have you met Leah? She’s from *England*”.
Me: “Nice to meet you, but, I’m actually from the Yoop. I just live in England.”
Sally: “I didn’t hear an accent, how long have you been there? Do you love London?”
Me: “Well I am American, so no English accent for me. And I don’t live in London.”
Sally: “London/England same thing. I just love BBC America. Doctor Who/Downton Abby/Graham Norton is the best!”

I am not English!!!! And I will never, ever, ever, speak in an English accent on cue for travel hungry strangers.