Stupid Shit People Say #1

I think this might be a fun little side blog called: Stupid Shit People Say

Ugh. This is really getting to me these days! When ever I am being introduced to somebody here in the USA the conversation goes like this:

My relative/friend: “Oh, hi Sally, have you met Leah? She’s from *England*”.
Me: “Nice to meet you, but, I’m actually from the Yoop. I just live in England.”
Sally: “I didn’t hear an accent, how long have you been there? Do you love London?”
Me: “Well I am American, so no English accent for me. And I don’t live in London.”
Sally: “London/England same thing. I just love BBC America. Doctor Who/Downton Abby/Graham Norton is the best!”

I am not English!!!! And I will never, ever, ever, speak in an English accent on cue for travel hungry strangers.